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Nordmann Fir


A beautiful tree, with thick, soft, emerald green and glossy needles. The Nordman Fir is by far our most popular tree, famous for its picture postcard symmetry and excellent needle retention. The soft needles and strong layered branches, make it ideal for decoration with the whole family. It has a mild, but festive, scent and for those with allergies it is far less reactive than the traditional Spruce.  As The Nordman retains its needles so well you won’t need to vacuum out every day this Christmas.

It is suitable for pets.  On our UK soil, they grow at a rate of around 1-2ft per year. The Nordman Fir has earned its place as Britain’s favourite Christmas tree and is perfect for every home. It originates from the mountainous regions of the Russian Caucasus, Turkey & Georgia, around the Black Sea.

Additional Information

size 3.5FT, 3FT, 4.5FT, 4FT, 5.5FT, 5FT, 6.5FT, 6FT, 7.5FT, 7FT, 8FT, 9FT, 10FT.
Needle Retention 5 Stars
Scent None
Child & Pet Friendly 5 Stars
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