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Fraser Fir


A classic Christmas Tree that is perfect for smaller spaces, the Fraser Fir is a trusted favourite amongst families for having soft needles that hold extremely well and a great balsam scent evokes that festive feeling. Decorating this Christmas tree will be a safe and enjoyable family occasion and you won’t need to get the vacuum cleaner out every 10 minutes.

The Fraser originates from the Appalachian Mountains of the south-eastern US. Its a slow-growing tree – a 7ft tree might be as much as 10 years old – and tends to favour higher elevation and slightly cooler climates. The branches on a Fraser tend to be angled upwards anywhere up to around 45 degrees. This can give the tree a slightly more slender appearance and also means that the branches are strong when it comes to hanging decorations from them. The Fraser has a conical shape but tends not to be quite as symmetrical as the Nordman. The needles on a Fraser are soft and flat, tightly spaced and often with a silvery or whitish tinge on the underside, and they hold on well after harvest.

Sizes Available 5FT, 6FT, 7FT
Needle Retention 5 Stars
Scent Medium
Child & Pet Friendly 3 Stars
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